life is life get over it

My Name Is Miranda. People Say I Have An Obbsession With Lil Wayne & Tanning. But It's Cooll Haha. I Made My Tumblr For Me Not You So If You Don't Like The Shit I Blog Then You Can Unfollow Me. That Is Not My Problem. I Will Blog Almost About Anything. So My Blog Isn't A Boring One. You Never Know What You'll See Next On My Blog, It's Kinda Exciting Haha. I Like Awesome Photography Shots Of Tattoos & Alcohol, I Just Think It Looks Neat. My Favorite Animal Are Cheetahs & Dogs, Favorite Holiday Is Halloween & Thanksgiving (Which Is Always My Worse Holiday), My Favorite Seasons Are Summer & Fall. I Blog A Lot Of Quotes About All Different Things That I Think Have To Do With My Life. I Don't Regret Anything I've Done In My Life Cause That's Just A Waste Of Time. Now You Know A Little Bit About Me Here's My Blog.. Find Out More.(:

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