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My Name Is Miranda. People Say I Have An Obbsession With Lil Wayne & Tanning. But It's Cooll Haha. I Made My Tumblr For Me Not You So If You Don't Like The Shit I Blog Then You Can Unfollow Me. That Is Not My Problem. I Will Blog Almost About Anything. So My Blog Isn't A Boring One. You Never Know What You'll See Next On My Blog, It's Kinda Exciting Haha. I Like Awesome Photography Shots Of Tattoos & Alcohol, I Just Think It Looks Neat. My Favorite Animal Are Cheetahs & Dogs, Favorite Holiday Is Halloween & Thanksgiving (Which Is Always My Worse Holiday), My Favorite Seasons Are Summer & Fall. I Blog A Lot Of Quotes About All Different Things That I Think Have To Do With My Life. I Don't Regret Anything I've Done In My Life Cause That's Just A Waste Of Time. Now You Know A Little Bit About Me Here's My Blog.. Find Out More.(:

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Hey. Hey, you remember peekaboo? Can you keep your eyes closed? You keep ‘em closed, that’s good. That’s real good, yeah. You keep ‘em closed, just like that. It’s just part of the game.

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